About Us

NitrousMusic known for his smash Reggaeton hit “Latino latino” has come a long way, against all odds from his roots in Esperanza, Dominican Republic. Raised in a poor home with no lights, no running water and a windowless shack, Nitrousmusic would never forget his roots. From a very young age he would always be seen drawing and listening to music, an outlet for his energy. His move to New York gave him an opportunity to expand his music preferences and he was influenced early on by the works of Vico C, Playero 38, B.I.G, and enjoyed the Hip Hop Culture; going so far as to writing his own lyrics and recording tapes over beats. He has several notebooks of lyrics that clearly evidence NitrousMusic has a lot to say. Much of his work is drawn from life experiences; from his poor childhood, to women, betrayal of so-called friends and even a near fatal car accident. He started to DJ music concentrating on mixing beats and eventually would create some of his own. Drawn to SpanishRap and SpanishReggae which would eventually be known as Latin Hip-Hop and Reggaeton he continued to shape his talent listening to such artists as Vico C, and DJ Playero, Dmx. It wasn’t until the death of his good friend that he decided to focus heavily on rapping himself. NitrousMusic surpassed all that life offered him, learning to walk and talk all over again at 16, and continued his focus on music. He gained strength and determination with each event that set to derail him. He made several appearances at Miami night clubs to crowd thundering applause. He launched “****** ******” as the debut hit taking the Latin Hip-Hop world by storm and has only just begun to show his vast lyrical and vocal skills.